We are here to support New Zealand first responders who have suffered a work-related mental injury

Who is Flashlight?

We are New Zealand’s first independent organisation dedicated to reducing the impact of post-traumatic stress injury on
our First Responders

how we plan to make a difference


Independently support New Zealand First Responders and help to ensure Health, Safety & Wellbeing programmes, tools and resources reach the people that need them


Content, campaigns and events to inform First Responders and their families about PTSI and it's causes, risk factors, signs & symptoms. Promoting early intervention when a normal reaction intensifies into an abnormal response


Anti-stigma focus that focus on preventing harmful judgements particularly depreciating self-stigma. Informing high-quality evidence-based methods for treatment that are real, effective solutions

Flashlight are here to help

- If you think you have a work-related mental injury and don't know where to start
- If you already have a claim accepted and want to check your entitlements

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Why Flashlight exists

Thanks so much for today, it is amazing what Flashlight is doing


Support this fantastic cause for front line workers who are casualties of PTSI


It is amazing to have an organisation like Flashlight supporting and fighting