Stories of Strength

It has been demonstrated that people find confidence in sharing their own stories when they see other people sharing theirs, as one of the biggest fears about speaking out is the fear of being judged. If you're thinking about sharing how you're feeling, but worried about stigma, please read on. 

This section is dedicated to sharing stories of courage and strength, of speaking out, to give others the confidence to do the same. 

Jon's Story

After three years of hiding the truth from everybody but a handful of friends and close family, Jon finally shared his story, you can read his original Facebook post - along with the many genuine and supportive responses he received. We hope it gives the confidence to share your story too. 

Click here to read Jon's post  

Todd's Story

Todd was brave enough to share his story with the wider Police community through an article in the Police Association magazine. After reading the story, Nicole from Flashlight made contact with Todd to make sure he was receiving the entitlements and treatments he both needed, and deserved.

Click here to read Todd's story

Do you have a story that you would like to share with Flashlight? please get in touch with us at or message us through our Facebook page