What is PTSI?

What is PTSI?

Most people are familiar with the term post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but less so with post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI). Both refer to the same set of symptoms, however PTSI is a biological injury in response to trauma. 

What are the symptoms?

Many first responders have spoken about a significant pre-work anxiety as being the first symptom they noticed, at times it is usual to be nervous about going to work, particularly if you are tired, or have other life pressures on your mind, but if this symptom persists, or the anxiety continues throughout the shift, this can be an early red flag that shouldn't be ignored.  If this sounds familiar,  we suggest that you consider whether you can relate to some other symptoms below:

  • more trouble sleeping than usual (frontline workers often experience disrupted sleep patterns due to shift work)   
  • a feeling of detachment 
  • intrusive memories of traumatic events (flashbacks)
  • heightened fight-or-flight response
  • avoiding family, friends or social events
  • increased escapism behaviours (drinking, gambling)      

If these symptoms persist for more than a month we recommend that you see your GP, if the symptoms are as a result of work-related events, Flashlight can support you through the process of lodging a work-related mental injury claim with ACC.