Why Flashlight exists

Our mission: To save the lives and jobs of New Zealand first responders affected by post-traumatic stress.

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Why Flashlight exists

First responders in New Zealand suffering from PTSI have a desperate need for support. Unlike other Western countries New Zealand doesn’t have an independent organisation specifically created to help our frontline emergency service workers access PTSI support.

Our founder Nicole lived the experience of supporting her husband Jon through severe PTSD/PTSI from his work in the NZ Police. Nicole worked to secure services, treatments and funding that Jon otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access due to his poor health, putting him on a positive path to recovery.

Flashlight is, a dedicated service for all our First Responders, with a focus on prevention, recognition, awareness and recovery from PTSI. We don't only support serving staff, but also retired or voluntary first responders and their families. We are an independent, safe space for people to raise their hand to say they need help. 

Our purpose: To provide New Zealand first responders with guidance on the process of recognising PTSI and getting the help they need from the best experts to have hope and a future.

Why First Responders?

We serve those that serve us all. Our first responders do an amazing job keeping us and our families safe, however the traumatic events that they attend can have a lasting impact on their mental health.
It is important to acknowledge that they face unfathomable burdens in their efforts to keep us and our communities safe, Flashlight will be there when those burdens take a toll. Our first responders are extremely valuable members of our communities, we all have a moral responsibility to care for their welfare.

Treatment costs more than prevention, in more ways than one.

Our vision: Mind fit - saving their lives and their jobs by supporting them in times of need, so they don't have to carry the burden of, or retire, due to the trauma of psychological wounds.

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If you would like know more about, or support our work please get in touch.
Email us at office@flashlight.nz or call/text us on 027 394 7749